Alexandra W.


I have been physically active all my life and was dedicated to my personal fitness. In 2011, I suffered some personal setbacks and stopped working out. By 2014, I was ready to reincorporate fitness into my life, but was struggling to get back into the gym.

I wasn't looking for a personal trainer when I met Walter, but when I told him my story, he was genuinely interested in helping me with my short term goal, which was just to get back in the habit of working out. After the first few sessions, I realized that he could help me with my long term goal of losing weight and regaining strength and confidence in myself.

Walter has been training me four days a week since December 2015. With his help, I've lost over 30 pounds, dropped four pant sizes and am stronger than I've ever been. More importantly, physical fitness is now an integral part of my life again, and I owe that to Walter.

Janikka B.


I have been training with Ledoux Fitness since August 2015. I gained weight and started having a lot of back pain due to my scoliosis. I knew I needed to make a change, and I took that step with Walter. Since I started working with him, I no longer have any back pain. I am more toned, dropped the weight (about 15 pounds), and overall have a more positive body image. Personal training has increased my self-confidence, and I have more energy to make it through the day. I am in the best shape of my life, and each workout Walter pushes me to limits I didn't know I had. Each workout is targeted for me, especially when it comes to some of the limitations I have because of my back. Seeing the results from hard work is a great feeling. Ledoux Fitness definitely changed my life for the better and it is one of the best decisions I have made!    

Jana E.


 I began working out with Walter after I had my second child. I had a tough pregnancy that didn't allow for any physical activity. I felt weak and tired all the time. I told Walter my goals of getting back to my strong, athletic self, and he made it happen. He continued to adapt and change the program to customize exactly what I needed as my body began to change. I have always been an athlete, and I know my way around a gym. However, I am not twenty anymore and I found myself more prone to injury. Walter made sure I didn't hurt myself by being strict about my form and never taking his eyes off me. He makes sure you are safe. I do ball room dancing and twisted an ankle that took a long time to heal. Walter was able to adjust my workout so I didn't have to stop training. Young or old, weak or strong, Walter is the trainer for you! 

Lauren S.


 I wanted to get in shape for my wedding, but always felt lost in a gym, and I didn't know how to use the equipment correctly. I tried high intensity interval training and cross-fit, but wasn't confident in doing the exercises and wanted one-on-one attention. I made the decision to try personal training and found Walter in October 2016. In that time, I've seen major improvements in my overall strength. I can lift more than I ever thought I could. I also have noticeable definition in my arms, shoulders and abs. In fact, one of my friends recently complimented me on how flat my stomach had gotten, and the smile on my face could not have been bigger. Walter makes every workout different and fun, but they are challenging. He motivates me to push myself, but also knows my limits, and makes sure I use the proper technique to prevent injury. My wedding has passed now, but I realized that this is the first workout program I could stick with so I will continue to train with Walter, and recommend him to anyone. 

Tim R.


I have been training with Ledoux Fitness since December 2015. When I found Walter I had recently finished physical therapy for a back injury sustained in a car accident. I was looking to continue my rehabilitation and get in shape. Walter is great at working around injuries and giving you a pain free workout. He has a relentless positive attitude that is very motivating. I have achieved far better results training with Walter than I ever did alone. I'm stronger, have more energy, and less back pain since I started training with Ledoux Fitness.  

Fiona B.


  I started working with Walter in January 2017 after reading a recommendation online. I am a 48-year-old working mum, and was struggling to find time to work out and didn't know what to do to maximize results. Working with Walter has been wonderful. In the initial 5 months of working with him, I have not only gotten stronger, but I have toned and lost 3 clothing sizes, too. I cannot recommend Walter enough. He makes workouts challenging but fun, and if you are prepared to put the work in, the results speak for themselves.

Celia S.


 Walter Ledoux is a phenomenal personal trainer. I have worked with good trainers in Washington, DC; however, Walter takes it to a new a level of attentiveness and quality of experience. Walter is rightly obsessed with good form and works to ensure that every exercise works for your body and hits the intended target. Walter is also a great all around person and has been super supportive of my fitness journey as I recover and work my way back from two major abdominal surgeries for cancer treatment. I highly recommend Walter Ledoux. 

Paola C.


  I've been training with Walter since February 2017 and I can see how much I've progressed and become stronger. I had two main goals, to be able to do unassisted pull-ups and to maintain a toned lower body. On both of those areas I've seen great results thanks to the targeted workouts Walter puts together. He keeps the workouts challenging and fun and encourages me to push myself beyond my mental limitations. I'm very happy with his training methods and the results I'm getting. Thanks, Walter for all your help.     

Monique M.


  Walter has been my personal trainer since August 2014. Training with him is never dull. His athletic conditioning sessions are especially unique and include a variety of activities like swimming and running drills similar to those I used to do in basketball practice when I was younger. Walter is a great motivator and challenges me to push myself to the limit. My balance and core strength have definitely improved since I started working with Walter, and I have seen positive changes in my weight as well.  

June C.


I have been training with Walter since March 2018. I suffered a painful disc injury to my back and was unable to be physically active for about 6 months. My challenge was two-fold, both physical and emotional. Physically, I was deconditioned and needed to rebuild my strength and endurance. Emotionally, I was very nervous about reinjuring myself and I worried that starting to exercise again would make that happen. However, I knew I needed to get moving again to recover. Walter had come with such wonderful recommendations and

credentials, including a background in physical therapy, so he seemed like a logical choice for me. He quickly demonstrated his knowledge in proper form and rehab and gained my trust in a

short time. Because he had also recovered from a painful injury, he understood the fear I carried and continued to reassure me, encouraging me to trust my body. He was, and continues to be, very careful to choose exercises to avoid re-injury and watches me carefully to be sure I am using correct form. He has become fully engaged and committed to my recovery alongside me, pushing me to be my very best but always keeping safety at the forefront of it all. Since working with Walter, I am building my strength, my confidence, my physique, and I feel better than I have in a very long time. I am very thankful for having found Walter and cannot recommend him highly enough!

Leta S.

Walter Ledoux is my front line Wellness resource. He has created a strength/flexibility
program that

I have been training with Walter since March 2018 and he has created a strength/flexibility program that is tailor-made for my current physical condition. I am a 73-year-old woman who, like so many other women my age, has osteoporosis and a “touch” of

arthritis. He keeps abreast of developments in exercise and physical therapy, implementing it all in my workout. Each time I walk into the gym at Core, Walter asks “how are you doing today?” Once he gets the latest update, he focuses and gives me a complete workout based on my answer. He pushes me and has kept me in good shape. I actually feel fitter and younger than I did 10 years ago. Walter is not my first trainer but he surely is my best. Be good to yourself – Give Walter a call!